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Autodidact, highly Skilled, Abstract Geometrical Artist that is taking the art world by storm
Immersed in a world of art and beauty, Ammar Alobaidi was born in Baghdad,
Iraq––very close to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. An engineer by training, Ammar first became interested in mathematics and technology,
earning a degree in nuclear engineering from The University of Baghdad. In 2005, Alobaidi decided to pursue his intense passion for art and continued in 2007 under the wing of the renowned Iraqi artist Moher Aldean. This accumulation of advanced academia and artistic knowledge, was galvanizes by his pilgrimage of enlightenment from his native Baghdad, through Libya and Jordan, and subsequently landing in Houston TX.
Today, he is actively engaged in promoting his art in Jordan and the United States.
Ammar Alobaidi’s geometrical abstraction reflects a diverse range of interests, from basic geometry to complex human figurative dipped in that same abstraction. A joyful outreaching work on an inspirational grand scale that contains his thrilled vision.
His language of abstraction and brilliant colors on one hand, and a rhythmic graphic
black and white pattern on the other.
“My intent is to engage people and make them happy while conveying a message of
love and peace to the world.” Ammar Alobaidi. In Ammar’s creations, texture is implied with areas of checkerboards, dots, or wavy figurative lines, while compositions are constructed with the careful precision of an engineer.
The human figure is often suggested, but each character is joined together in harmonic
continuity as one form overlies another in a manner reminiscent of later works of Picasso and Matisse. Graphical bonds between men and women stand as a visual allegory of reunification, where he represents on his work, a secret cadence engrossed in a geometrical figurative dance.
Ammar Alobaidi’s work is present in several public and private collections in the United States, Iraq and Jordan. Referring to Ammar Alobadi’s work, Mark Cervenka comentet…
“A combination of elements of joy and beauty, transferred in to a striking experience”


Ammar 1

2024:  Group Exhibition, Home Exhibition, Curated by Heather Braman, Houston, USA

2023:  Group Exhibition, Salon Summer 2023, Curated by Alexander Squier, Houston, USA

2023:  The Big Show, Juried by Dr. Kanitra Fletcher, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, USA

2023:  Group Exhibition, Beginnings Exhibition, Curated by Rosa Ana Orlando, Houston, USA

2022:  Group Exhibition, Open Doors Exhibition, Curated by Wayne Gilbert, Houston, USA

2022:  Group Exhibition, Ice Meets Art Exhibition, Houston, USA

2022:  Group Exhibition, Arrival Exhibition, Curated by Alton Dulaney, Houston, USA

2022:  Group Exhibition, Houston Forever Art Exhibition, Houston, USA

2021:  Group Exhibition, Without Limits, Houston, USA

2021:  Group Exhibition, Popup of Color, Houston, USA

2021:  Group Exhibition, Triumph of The Human Spirit 6th, Houston, USA

2020:  Group Exhibition, Triumph of The Human Spirit 5th, Houston, USA

2019:  Group Exhibition, Triumph of The Human Spirit 4th, Houston, USA

2019:  Group Exhibition, Turkish Community Center, Houston, USA


2018:  Group Exhibition, Triumph of The Human Spirit 3rd, Houston, USA

2018:  Solo Exhibition, Colors of Jazz, Mixed emotion fine art Gallery, Houston, USA

2017:  Group ExhibitionTexas Treasures, Vaughan Mason Fine Art Gallery, Houston, USA

2017:  Solo ExhibitionA Tale of the City, O’Kane Gallery – University of Houston Downtown, USA

2016:  Group Exhibition, Triumph of The Human Spirit 1st, Houston, USA

2015:  Group Exhibition, Arab American Cultural Community Center, Houston, USA

2012:  Feature Exhibition, Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan


2012:  Group Exhibition Iraqi Fine Art Artists, The Iraqi Businessmen council, Amman, Jordan

2011:  Group ExhibitionDialogues in Color, Gallery 14, Amman, Jordan

2011:  Group ExhibitionIraqi Fine art Artists, Jordanian Fine Art Artists Association Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2010:  Group Exhibition, Iraqi Fine Art Artists, Shkayer House Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2010:  Group Exhibition, Color Festival, Foresight 32 Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2009:  Group Exhibition, Royal Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan

2008:  Group Exhibition, Muhtaraf Alrimal Gallery, Amman, Jordan

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